Daily Cleanser Skin Balancing [Blue Daisy]

Anti - Inflammatory / De-stresses & Restores Complexion / Anti-Redness Support (Phase 1 Cleanse)


+ Cleansing & Calming, Anti-Redness Cleanser. Purifies, supports & Protects complexion against daily irritants.
+ Phase System: 1 Cleanse. Synergistic phase formulated to cleanse skin in depth by gently eliminating impurities.

Active Ingredients

• Acteoside & Luteolin From Blue Daisy extract provides soothing anti- inflammation support.
• Allantoin delivers a Keratolytic effect increasing smoothness of skin & anti-inflammatory soothing effect.
• Kaempferol with Anti-Oxidant & Anti-inflammatory support from Witch Hazel to help purify complexion.


+ Purifies, supports & Protects complexion against daily irritants
+ Anti-oxidative support for skins natural barrier function
+ Gently De-stresses & restores complexion

Size: 180ml
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