Clearance Solution AHA [+] Skin Renewal Glycolic Action

Collagen Boosting / Anti- Imperfections Complexion Control - (Phase 1 Cleanse)


+ Instant & Refreshing Anti-Microbial Cleansing Solution
+ Exfoliates & Renews dull skin to restore radiance
+ Phase system: 1 Cleanse. Synergistic phase formulated to cleanse skin in depth by gently eliminating impurities.

Active Ingredients

+ Lactic Acid - highly effective skin care moisturiser by increasing the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans.
+ Citric Acid - powerful Anti-oxidant that stimulates effective collagen synthesis
+ Tartaric & Malic Acid - helps minimise the appearance of residual skin imperfections.
+ Glycolic Acid - has a Keratolytic effect -increasing cellular renewal for a fresher, younger complexion.


+ Cellular turnover is boosted for a rejuvenated & purified complexion.
+ Balanced & non-irritating PH formula.
+ Exfoliates, Detoxifies & Minimises pores.
+ Delivers an immediate skin softening effect

Size: 180ml
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