Clarifianté Purifying Cleansing Facial Wash

Anti- Blemish, Detoxifying & Purifying Formulation - (Phase 1 Cleanse)


+ An Anti-inflammatory & detoxifying formulation designed to help eliminate skin impurities. Effectively resolving and addressing the key signs of oily, blemish prone skin to re-balance & calm complexion.
+ Phase System:1 Cleanse. Synergistic phase formulated to cleanse skin in depth by gently eliminating impurities.

Active Ingredients

+ Phenylethanoids & Glycosides from Plantago Lanceolata & Mahonia Aquifolium help reduce skin impurities with clinically demonstrated effectiveness.
+ Sebum production is minimised & blemishes diminished.
+ For a healthy revived complexion, the supporting action of Sodium Salicylate buffs away dead skin cells, encourages collagen synthesis & promotes healthy skin renewal
+ Magnesium Detoxifying Mineral helps reduce toxin build-up & provides Anti-Oxidant support.


+ Detoxifies & Unclogs pores.
+ Clinically Proven formula for effective Anti-blemish skincare support.
+ Restores & Re-balances complexion.
+ Minimises blemishes & combats breakouts

Size: 150ml
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