Recovery Serum AV Activ

Formulated with Blue Daisy Extract. Soothing & Calming with Redness Relief - (Phase 2 Restore)


+ Sensitive Soothing Serum for Redness Relief - combats irritation & helps support skins delicate structure against daily irritants & inflammation.
+ Enriched with moisturising ‘Smart Nutrient’ Technology & Hyaluronic Acid for optimal hydration. Helps diminish tightness & restore healthy glowing & supple skin.
+ Phase System: 2 Restore. Potent complexion restoring solutions phase to target individual imperfections.

Active Ingredients

+ Glyoxylic Acid From Allantoin produces a moisturising keratolytic effect enhances moisture in upper dermis layers & enhancing cellular turnover for skin smoothing effects.
+ Iridoid Glycosides Euphrasia Officinalis counteracts inflammatory processes.
+ Hydrosols from Witch hazel & Algae extract provide potent Anti-oxidant support against oxidative & age related skin damage.
+ Flavanoids from Ruscus Aculeatus for Anti-inflammatory Support.


+ Diminishes Tightness & Inflammation.
+Restores Supple Glowing Skin & boosts optimal moisture to skin.
+ Clinically effective inflammatory support formulation for redness relief

Size: 50ml
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