Perfect Calm Moisture [+] AM-PM Cream

Anti-Inflammatory Support with Soothing Blue Daisy Extract. - (Phase 3 Hydrate)


+ Daily Anti-inflammatory support cream specifically designed for use on sensitive skin. Helps to reduce redness & promote a smoother, calmer skin complexion.
+ Formulated with Blue daisy extract – clinically proven as an effective inflammatory modulator – provides a soothing Anti-Oxidant response to inflammation.
+ Phase System: 3 Hydrate. Deeply penetrating & rejuvenating phase to balance skin tone & optimally moisturise

Active Ingredients

+ Acteoside & Luteolin From Blue Daisy extract provides soothing anti- inflammation support.
+ Hyaluronic Acid Maximum moisture molecule ensures optimal hydration.
+ Polysaccharides -from Aloe provide powerful Anti-inflammatory support.
+ Vitamin E From Tocopherol - deeply penetrating Anti-oxidant support for skin


• Supple skin support & Redness Relief
• Helps diminish tightness & reduce discomfort
• Restore healthy glowing & supple skin
• Hydrates, calms & soothes

Size: 50ml
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