Firm & Tone Triple Effects Duo

Firms & refines ensuring skin is optimally soft, supple & conditioned. (Phase 2 Restore)


+ Intensely hydrating triple effects Avance+ body care Duo; helps firm & refine ensuring skin is optimally soft, supple & conditioned.
+ Phase 2 Restore - Potent complexion restoring solutions phase to target individual imperfections.

Active Ingredients

Designed to enhance the appearance of skins tone & help refine stubborn & unloved areas.
Triple effects:
1. Stimulates cutaneous microcirculation.
2. Improving the removal & storage of cellular lipids.
3. Provides a tightening effect on skin to refine the silhouette & promote a slimmer body contour.


+ F&R Avance+ Silhouette Refiner 123 Triple Action Body Cream 125ml
+ F&R Avance+ Firm & Tone Perfecting Body serum 125ml
+ F&R Luxury Cotton Skincare Phase System Bag

Size: 125ml & 125ml.
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